How to Use Positionable Mounting Adhesive

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step 1

Unroll a length of sheet and cut a piece that's a little larger than the item you want to mount.  Place the artwork image side up on the tacky side of the sheet.  Place the release paper (included) over the artwork. 

step 2

Use the blue plastic squeegee included to burnish the artwork through the release paper.

step 3

Remove the release paper and peel the artwork off the sheet.  The adhesive will stay on the back of the artwork.  With Positionable Mounting Adhesive you get a uniform coat of adhesive on the back of the artwork without the mess and hazards of spray adhesive.  Simply place the artwork on the mounting surface.  It is repositionable until you burnish it a second time.  When you are satisfied with the positioning on the artwork on the mounting surface, burnish it through the release paper and it's permanent.