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Product Comparisons

Comparing Picture Frame Joiners

When comparing picture frame joiners, it's best to start by understanding V-Nailing. Basically, V-Nailing is the driving of a V-shaped nail into the back of a frame so that the two wings…
Product Comparisons

Options for Holding the Contents in a Picture Frame

To understand your options for holding the contents in a picture frame, you must first understand the concept of "frame fitting". Frame fitting refers to that part of the picture framing process…
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How to Stain or Paint Unfinished Wood Picture Frames
foam board backing for picture framing
Product Comparisons
Examining Options in Foam Board Backing for Picture Framing
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Picture Framing Tips and Techniques
How to Measure for Floater Frames
What is rabbet depth?
Picture Framing Tips and Techniques
What is Rabbet Depth?
How to frame stretched canvas
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How to Frame Stretched Canvas
Glue floater frame
Picture Framing Tips and Techniques
How to Assemble Floater Frames