Picture Framing Videos

Instructions and Insights

How to Assemble a Wood Picture Frame 1:54

Step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a wood picture frame using the slot and peg system

How to Mount Canvas into a Floater Frame Using Velcro 1:45

This short video shows a quick and clever way for mounting canvas into a floater frame. Why didn’t I think of that?

How to Assemble a Wood Picture Frame and Load the Contents 5:08

Step-by-step instructions for the complete frame assembly and loading process using the EZ Finish Mounting and Hanging Kit

How to Add a Dust Cover to the Back of Your Frame 8:49

Step-by-step instructions showing how to add a professional paper dust cover to the back of your frame. See also Framing4Yourself Professional Dust Cover Kit.

How to Build a Shadowbox Frame 20:08

This step-by-step video by Alex and Seth shows how to build a shadowbox frame for 3-dimensional objects

How to Mount a Canvas Painting to a Board  5:53

Michael King demonstrates how to mount a canvas painting to a board

Name Your Own Price for Picture Framing 6:48

By tailoring the frame and contents you can name your own price for picture framing. Here’s how.

Making the Right Choices When it Comes to Conservation and Archival Framing 3:11

Understand when it’s worth it to spend more to preserve your artwork with conservation and archival materials and techniques