Picture Framing Tools


Knowing that you built the frame is the only thing better than looking at a beautifully framed picture on your wall. 

Unsure what supplies you might need? Framing 4 Yourself has the best picture framing tools and equipment to help you get started. 

From saws and sanders to clamps, glues, joiners, mat cutters, and more – we’ve got everything you need for your next project.

  • Glue and Clamp Assembly Kit for Floater Frames

  • Triangle Sanding Sheet – 150 Grit

  • Titebond Wood Glue

  • Bessey 23 Foot Band Clamp

  • Kinetronics Anti-Static Gloves



Depending on your project, frame type, and framing capabilities, you should use various tools and equipment to create your one-of-a-kind frame. Wood picture frames require some tools and elbow grease, while others, like our metal frames, only need a screwdriver.

Knowing your end goal and capabilities influences the picture framing tools you need.

For the more serious DIY picture framer, we recommend investing in a saw and sanding equipment as they make any picture frame in lengths job much more manageable.

You’ll also need to purchase a joiner designed with V-Nailing in mind.

Lastly, every DIY picture framer needs clamps to hold it all together. Framing 4 Yourself features a large selection of different clamps, each designed for different framing needs.

If you’re ready and willing to jump into the hobby of picture framing, then Framing 4 Yourself has all the tools you need.


Framing 4 Yourself offers a large selection of picture framing tools made by the highest-quality manufacturers in the framing industry. Depending on space and experience, these tools provide you with everything you need to build beautiful frames.


We offer some options for framing saws. The first is our Power Miter Saw Package, including a Ryobi power miter saw designed specifically for cutting picture frames. 

It features a 10″ diameter 80-tooth saw blade and super accurate measuring with a 36″ long fence extension, 45-degree angled scale, and stops. This framing miter saw offers precise cuts at a great low price.

The other is the Logan Double Saw Fence Extension which converts your power miter saw into an accurate picture framing saw with the Logan Double Saw Fence Extension, Model F100-5, by providing support for mouldings at both ends of the saw.


Framing 4 Yourself’s Logan Elite Precision Sander is a hand-operated rotary sander for delicate corrections to miter cuts resulting in tight corner joints on your frame. Perfect for smoothing out those rough edges to make your custom frames as beautiful as ever.


Framing 4 Yourself sells a wide variety of V Nail Joiners with just about everyone in mind.

For DIY’ers, we sell the Logan Hobby Style V-Nail Joiner, an economical V-Nail joining system for picture framing hobbyists. It is recommended for use on soft wood moulding only.

Our more experienced framers might look for something more like the Logan Pro Joiner or The Logan F300-3, a new, professional-grade picture frame underpinner for quick, accurate joining of picture frames; the Logan v-nail joiner drives V-Nails up from under to join any size picture frame.

Either way, Framing 4 Yourself has the joining solutions you need.

  • Imitation Wood Frame Assembly Kit

  • Metal Frame Hardware Packet

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    Regular Logan V-Nails

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  • Logan Magazine Style V-Nails for Underpinner

  • Titebond Wood Glue



From strap clamps to corner clamps, angle clamps, and a miter vise. Framing 4 Yourself has everything you need to clamp picture frames for gluing or nailing.

Choose the right clamps based on the shape and type of frame you’re working with, as a floater frame needs something different than a non-square-shaped frame.

  • Framing4Yourself 15 Foot Nylon Band Clamp

  • Pony Rapid Acting Band Clamp

  • Bessey 23 Foot Band Clamp



Are you looking to purchase everything you need in one package? Framing 4 Yourself offers a wide range of complete framing kits at discounted prices. Each package includes all the tools to create the frame of your dreams.


The biggest reason you want to frame artwork, photography, or prints yourself is that you have complete control over the entire process. From choosing the style of your frame to putting it all together, the whole process is in your hands.

What better way to commemorate and celebrate your favorite memories than building the frames you hold them in yourself.


At Framing 4 Yourself, we sell high-quality frame-making tools at affordable prices to make sure you can start building your dream frame today.

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