How to Use Self-Adhesive Boards

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step 1

Peel away the release paper to expose the tacky side of the board.

step 2

Place the artwork image side up on the tacky side of the board.  Press the top edge down to begin with.

step 3

Work your hand gradually down the artwork, pressing as you go.

step 4

Press along the full length of the artwork until it is adhered.  Working down the artwork prevents buckles and creases.

step 5

Align the release paper along the top edge of the foamboard and lower it over the artwork.

step 6

Cover the artwork with the glossy side of the release paper.

step 7

Apply firm even pressure, working from the center to the outside edge with a burnisher or a squeegee.

step 8

Leave the release paper in place and place a panel of glass or similar weight over the artwork and let the bond cure for 12-24 hours.

step 9

Peel away the release paper and your artwork is firmly bonded to the board.  Now place a window mat over the foamboard if you wish.

step 10

You can use the same panel of glass you used for weighting to glaze the artwork.  Now just load it in a frame.

step 11

Read the instructions printed on the release paper for further tips and techniques.