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How to Assemble a Floater Frame

Floater Frame Assembly Instructions

  • Place the frame sections on the work surface and open your band clamp to create a loop that surrounds the sections
  • Place a small dot of wood glue on each miter face and spread it evenly over the surface of each
  • Bring the miters together to form the frame’s corners and fit the clamp’s brackets on each
  • Pull the clamp tight against the corner brackets
  • Tighten until the corners close
  • Wipe away any squeeze out. Wait 60 minutes for the glue to dry.

Floater Frame Loading

  • Measure down the back of the frame and make marks to locate the position of the screws
  • Screws can be turned under hand-strength into softwood frames but with hardwood, you must drill
  • Turn the frame face up and load the art into it
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  • When using a floater frame without a built-in step, achieve uniform spacing by using wedges of paper
  • Turn the frame face down on a towel and screw the frame to the art to secure it
  • You may opt to use off-set clips to secure the art

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