How to Use the EZ-Finish Mounting and Hanging Kit

step 1

For instructions on how to assemble a custom cut wood sectional frame, click here. After assembling the frame, mount the artwork to the mat using the archival mounting strips.

step 2

Lay the artwork face down in the window of the mat.

step 3

Peel the release paper from the back of one of the archival mounting strips.

step 4

Arrange a strip along one edge of your art so the Mylar flange overlaps the back of the art and the adhesive band adheres to the back of the mat. No adhesive contacts the art, and the art is trapped against the back of the mat.

step 5

Assemble the remaining archival mounting strips, one along each edge. Use two along each each of larger art.

step 6

Peel the mask from the acrylic. If static charge is an issue, you may want to invest in an anti-static brush.

step 7

Place the stack of acrylic, mat, art, and foamboard backing face down in the frame.

step 8

Use the offset clips to hold the contents in the frame. Screw them in with a Philips-head screw driver. The self-tapping wood screws (included) should penetrate most wood frames with just hand strength.

step 9

Use one offset clip on each side of the frame. Use the 1/8-inch offset clips for shallower frames. Use the ¼-inch offset clips for deeper frames.

step 10

Measure down from the top of the frame about 3½ inches and attach a strap hanger on each side. The self-tapping wood screws (included) should penetrate most wood frames with just hand strength.

step 11

Tie the wire onto the back of the frame by feeding about 3-inches through the D-Ring of the strap hanger and coiling it around itself three or four times. Feed the excess back through the D-Ring for a clean tie off.

step 12

After pulling the wire across to the other hanger and tieing it off, apply self-adhesive bumper pads to each corner of the back of the frame, and you’re finished. Congratulations your framed art is ready to hang using the hook hanger included.


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