How to Measure, Cut and Assemble Fillets

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step 1

First, cut a reverse bevel on your mat's window. Then remove the Fillet Pro Measuring Gauge from where it is mounted on the the extension arm of your Fillet Pro Fillet Cutter.

For More Info See How to Cut a Reverse Bevel


step 2

Open the gauge by setting one side against the left edge of the window and sliding the stop block into contact with the opposite edge.

step 3

Slide the position lock into contact with the stop block and tighten it into place by turning the white knob.

step 4

After gauging the width of the window, turn the mat and gauge the height.  Again, slide the stop block into contact with the edge.  And then lock it down.

step 5

Replace the Measuring Gauge on the extension arm of the Fillet Pro Fillet Cutter and tighten it.

step 6

Extend the holding tab by turning the white knob.  The holding tab will come into contact with the fillet's rabbet and hold it down while it's being chopped.

step 7

Press down on the lever handle and chop through the wood.

step 8

By extending only a small amount of the fillet under the blade a 45º miter is cut at one end of the fillet.

step 9

Put the fillet back into the cutter and slide it along the gauge.

step 10

The mitered end will fit neatly into the notch in the stop block.  Since the block had been set for the window height, a precise fillet can be cut to fit the window.

step 11

Press down on the lever arm and chop again.  This time the blade cuts the other mitered end of the first section and first mitered end of the next.

step 12

Remove the portion of the fillet on the right.  It is now mitered on both ends and will fit the long edge of the mat's window.  Move the remaining piece over and cut the next section.

step 13

To cut the remaining short section, slide the stop block into contact with the position lock and tighten it down.

step 14

Slide the fillet into contact with the notch in the stop block and chop it.  Repeat for the final section.

step 15

You now have four sections, two long pieces and two short pieces.

step 16

Apply fillet tape to the flange on the back of each section.  Press the tape down and then peel up the brown release paper to expose the other side of the double-sided adhesive.

step 17

Adhere the flange of the fillet to the back of the mat.

step 18

The decorated edge of the fillet becomes the edge of the mat's window.

step 19

Assemble the next edge of the fillet to the adjoining edge of the window so the miters fit to form a corner.

step 20

Fillets are best assembled on the edges of mat windows that have reverse bevels.  See the related tutorial on how to cut a reverse bevel window on your mat.