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How to Attach a Dust Cover

step 1

Using an ATG tape applicator gun, apply a continuous line of double sided tape around the back of the frame. The tape should be about 1/8″ from the edge. If the frame tends to rock as you apply pressure, try laying it on a folded bath towel.

step 2

Cut a piece of Kraft Paper that is larger than the overall size of the frame. Place the paper flat on a table top. If the Kraft Paper has a curl to it, flatten it first under a pane of glass or other flat heavy object. Note: Acid Free Frame Backing Paper has less tendency to curl.

step 3

Carefully place the framed artwork on the Kraft Paper. Note: You will find that Acid Free Frame Backing Paper is sturdier and less prone to wrinkle or curl than Kraft paper. What’s more, it does not need to be dampened for best results as Kraft paper does.

step 4

Using a plant mister, dampen the Kraft paper thoroughly. Don’t be timid, the water will not leach through and damage the artwork. Apply a uniform coat of water, leave no part dry. As the water dries, the paper will shrink, pulling up as tight as a drum.

step 5

Crease the paper along the edges of the frame. Using a dust cover trimmer, start at one corner and engage the blade.

step 6

Traditional Dust Cover Trimmer

Draw the trimmer along each edge of the frame, cutting the paper at 1/8″ from the edge.

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