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How to Add Art to Your Frame

Adding art to your frame should take just a few minutes.

Step 1

If you ordered your frame assembled, your stack of contents will come pre-loaded into the frame. To begin, you will need to remove this stack.

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Step 2

Bend up the metal tabs at the back of the frame. These are pliable and bend easily.

Step 3

Carefully slide the stack out of the frame, and separate the contents. Handle the acrylic with special care as it can be easily scratched.

Step 4

Place the mat face down on a clean surface and position your art face down in the window of the mat.

Step 5

Select one of the mounting strips you find in the supply kit. Peel the release paper to expose the adhesive band on the back of the strip.

Step 6

Apply the mounting strip along the edge of the art. The clear Mylar flange should overlap onto the art and the adhesive strip should stick to the mat.

Step 7

When applied correctly, no adhesive will contact the art. The art is held in place by the overlapping flange.

Step 8

Assemble mounting strips along each edge of the artwork. The artwork is trapped in place by the mounting strips but is easily removed should you want to retrieve it.

Step 9

Stack the acrylic, mat, art and backing. There is no need to tape them together.

Step 10

Return the stack of contents to the frame.

Step 11

Press down on the metal tabs to hold the contents in the frame.

Step 12

Attach the hanging hardware.

Step 13

Apply a self-adhesive bumper pad to each corner.

Step 14

Hang your framed art.

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