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How to Assemble Imitation Wood Picture Frames

step 1

Imitation wood frames are assembled with Plastibond glue, a fast acting plastic glue that bonds strongly like Super Glue. They are not assembled using the slot and peg system as in wood frames.

step 2

Apply the glue to one of the miter faces. Don’t overdo it. The bond is so strong that a little glue goes a long way.

step 3

Press the two miters together to form a corner. Try to move quickly from corner to corner as the glue dries quickly.

step 4

Lay your band clamp slack around the frame so that you will be ready to clamp as soon as the four corners are pressed together.

step 5

Tighten your band clamp to close the joints firmly.

step 6

Quickly wipe away any glue that squeezes out at the seam. Use a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth. Do not wait. Glue that dries on the surface of the frame can damage it.

step 7

Leave your frame in the band clamp for five minutes. The resulting joints are so strong that you will not need to nail the frame. But if you want to drive V-nails at the joints, go ahead. Imitation wood frames can be reinforced with medium/soft V-nails.

step 8

Go ahead and assemble your hanging hardware on the back of the frame with self-tapping wood screws. To get everything you need at a reduced price, order an Imitation Wood Frame Assembly Kit.

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