How to Build a Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles Shadowbox Frame

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step 1

Our Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles Frame Kit (available in any size up to 60"x60") includes:

- The four sides of your shadowbox frame (cut to any size you specify)
- The four black interior wall panels
- Two metal hanging brackets
- Four plastic pegs for assembly

step 2

To complete the assembly you will also need wood glue, a hammer, a Philips head screwdriver, a black marker, 1/8" offset clips, and two paper towels, one wet and one dry.

step 3

The ends of each wall of your shadowbox frame are mitered.  When you bring them together, they will form a corner.  To blend the seam at each corner use a black marker to mark along the edges of the miter.

step 4

Apply a thin bead of wood glue on the miter face and in the slot visible on the miter face.

step 5

Press the two mitered ends together to form a corner.  Be prepared to wipe away glue that squeezes out at the seam by using a wet paper towel followed by a dry paper towel. 

step 6

Align the routed slots at the back of the frame and insert a plastic peg in the slot.  One end of the peg will be beveled.  Insert this end first.  Push the peg into the slot as far as you can.

step 7

Using a hammer, pound the peg down until it is flush.

step 8

Some glue may again squeeze out at the seam.  Wipe it away from both the interior and exterior part of the frame. 

step 9

Assemble each corner of the frame in this manner.  Wait 20 minutes for the glue to dry.  Next, you will need acrylic (Plexi-Glass) for your frame.

step 10

Framing4Yourself can pre-size the acrylic to any size you specify.  To have your acrylic cut to size by Framing4Yourself click here for regular acrylic, here for non-glare acrylic, or here for UV protective acrylic.  

step 11

Peel away the protective mask from the acrylic (Plexiglass) and load it into the frame.

step 12

Assemble the black interior wall panels to the inside of your frame.  Peel the release paper from the adhesive strips of a panel.

step 13

Press the panels against the inside walls of the frame until they adhere.  The bottom of each panel will rest against the back of the acrylic (Plexiglass).

step 14

The top edges of the wall panels provide a shelf for the backing/mounting board to rest against.  If you are including a jersey hanger for hanging a jersey, attach it into the frame now.  More.

step 15

To see a step-by-step tutorial of how to make your backing/mounting board, click here.  You can make a proper backing/mounting board for your frame using MightyCore Foam Board, Stretch Fabric and Stitchery Tape.  

step 16

Load your backing/mounting board into the frame from the back.

step 17

The backing/mounting board sits against the top edges of the wall panels.  When seen from the front, this creates deep space within the frame for the mounting of 3-dimensional objects or the hanging of a sports jersey.

step 18

When seen from the back, the backing/mounting board is nearly flush to the back of the frame.  It can be secured in place with 1/8" offset clips.  You should be able to screw them into the back of the frame using hand strength.

step 19

Finally, attach the hanging bracket to the back of the frame.  The hanging bracket is a two piece hanging system.  One piece goes on the frame, the other piece goes on the wall.  The piece on the back of the frame should be assembled so it flares out.  That piece will then hook on to the piece that assembles to the wall to bear the weight of the frame.

step 20

Your finished shadowbox frame can present a wide variety of 3-dimensional objects including sports memorabilia and collectibles.  For advice on how to measure for shadowbox frames click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.