Package of Clear Acrylic, Foam Board and Mat Board to Fit Your Frame


.080 Thick Clear Lucite® Acrylic (indistinguishable from glass in a frame / shatter resistant)
1/8″ Thick Quality Foam Board Backing (for mounting artwork)
White Mat Board (pH neutral mat) with 2″ Border

How to Order a 2″ Border Mat
1. Add 4″ to the exact dimensions of your print, photo or art.
2. Enter the resulting dimensions into the calculator.
3. You will receive each component (acrylic, foam board and mat) in this size. Your frame should also be this size.Example: Your print is 17″x23½”. By adding 4″ to each dimension, the size to enter will be 21″x27½”. You will receive acrylic, foam board and a mat in this size. The mat will have a beveled window with 2″ borders. The frame size should also be 21″x27½”.
Note: When making your frame we always add a standard 1/8″ allowance so the contents fit easily.Note: When cutting the mat window, we overlap the edges of your artwork by a standard 1/4″ for support and to insure ease of centering.

Dimensions should be entered as decimal points.
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Additional Information
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Dimensions 0.08 in
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