Tools for Joining Picture Frames

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Shop here for tools for joining picture frames. From face down V-Nail joiners to underpinners, you’ll find what you need.

When comparing picture frame joiners, it’s best to start by understanding V-Nailing. “V-Nailing” is the driving of a” V” shaped nail into the back of a frame with a picture frame v nailer. The two wings embed themselves on either side of the seam that is formed when the two miters are pressed together to form the frame’s corner. The nail holds the corner together, joining the frame. 

V-Nailing has an advantage over traditional side-nailing in that the nail is driven behind the frame with the v nail press, eliminating the need to cosmetically cover up the nail head. One can easily save time and effort using this tool..

 V-Nails are not specific as to brand, meaning that any V-Nails can fit into any picture frame corner joiners you may be comparing.

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