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When Does it Make Sense to Stretch Your Own Canvas?

stretched canvas
When does it make sense to stretch your own canvas?

When you stretch  your own canvas, you enjoy several benefits. But why bother when you can buy pre-stretched canvases at reasonable prices? One reason is the versatility you get from stretching your own. With pre-stretched canvases you are limited to certain standard sizes. When stretching your own you can make your canvases any size you want. Long and narrow, perfectly square, or larger or smaller than the limits imposed by standard sizes, it’s up to you.

Another reason is that pre-stretched canvases, while reasonably priced, are not nearly as economical as buying a roll of canvas and stretching your own. As a general thing, stretching your own canvas costs about half as much as buying pre-stretched canvases.

Finally, there is the gratification that comes from being in control of every part of the creative process, which can include selecting the exact stretcher bars and canvas that are right for your artistic project and assembling them to your specifications. What’s more, stretching your own canvas is not difficult or time consuming, the whole process need take no longer than 10-15 minutes, and in the end you will have the pleasure of knowing that every step in the process was performed by you.

Stretcher bar assembly
How to stretch canvas

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