Saw Fence Extension - Applying and Calibrating Saw Fence Scale

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step 1

Place saw at a 45 degree angle, lower saw blade and place 6" gauge against the blade (make sure gauge is also against the back of the fence). And then carefully lift blade out of the way.

step 2

Now apply the marking label (sticker) provided  to the back of the fence in line with the back of the gauge. Mark with a pencil at the end of the 6" gauge.

step 3

The scale has been pre-scored across the 6" area on the back. Remove the release paper.

step 4

Now the scale should be placed so that the 6" mark on the scale lines up with the pencil mark you made on the label.

step 5

Slowly remove the rest of the backing paper while making sure the scale is against the back of the fence and carefully apply the rest of the scale. Then with a knife cut through the space between the turntable and the saw bed.

step 6

Install the stop by sliding it onto the end of the fence extension and your saw is ready to be used.