Logan Pro Joiner - Operation

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step 1

Load the V-Nails onto the cartridge and set the cartridge for the width of the moulding.

step 2

Slide the cartridge into the slots below the corner clamp deck.

step 3

Place two mitered moulding sections into the corner clamp deck ornamented side up.

step 4

Press the mitered ends together and tighten the clamp.

step 5

Insert the triangular spacer over the corner of the moulding so the rubber foot won't push directly on the face of the moulding.

step 6

Press down on the lever.  The foot presses down on the deck lowering the clamp onto the V-Nails waiting in the cartridge below.  This method of joining is called underpinning.

step 7

Repeat for the remaining four corners and remove the assembled frame from the joiner.