How to Assemble Wood Picture Frames

Step 1

You will receive four miter-cut frame sections and four plastic pegs. The shape of the pegs may be different than what’s pictured here depending on the manufacturer. See a video of wood frame assembly.

Step 2

Apply a drop of wood glue to four of the eight miter faces. Spread it thinly over the miter face. Don’t fill the routed slot with glue. Do NOT use Gorilla Glue.

Step 3

Press two mitered ends together to form a corner. Only one of the two mitered faces should have glue on it.

Step 4

The routed slots should line up as you press the ends together. The shape of the slot will conform to the shape of the peg. One end of the peg is tapered. This will be the leading edge of the peg as you press it in.

Step 5

On wider frames you will have two slots in each corner. You will have two pegs for each, one long and one short. Note the depth of each slot. Lay the frame on its face. Press the peg down with your thumb.

Step 6

You will probably not be able to press the peg flush. Press each peg down as far as it will go. Turn the frame face up. Wipe away the glue that squeezed out at the seam. For quick easy clean up, wipe with a wet rag , followed by a dry rag.

Step 7

With the frame face up on the table, press down firmly with the heels of your hands in each corner to sink the pegs flush. Again, wipe away any glue that might have squeezed out.

Step 8

Allow 20 minutes for the glue to dry before loading the frame. Use the EZ-Finish Mounting and Hanging Kit to mount the artwork, secure the contents and hang the frame.

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