Logan 750 Simplex Plus Mat Cutter - Operation

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step 1

The Squaring Arm Stop slides along the scale on the squaring arm and can be locked into place by tightening the black knob. Set the stop on the Squaring Arm for the overall size you want to reduce the matboard to.

step 2

Place the sheet full size sheet  in the mat cutter.  Place the bottom edge firmly against the squaring arm and slide the right edge along until it contacts the stop.

step 3

The Straight Cutting Head hooks onto the outermost lip of the guide rail.  The blade fits into the slot in the cutting board outside the top edge of the matboard.  Pull the cutting head back through the sheet, reducing it to the overall size you want.  The straight cutting head can be used to size down matboard, foamboard and paper, all of which can be accurately measured without marking by using the squaring arm and the squaring arm stop.

step 4

The Mat Guide slides back and forth over an imbedded scale.

step 5

Set the edge of the mat guide at the point on the scale that indicates the width of the borders surrounding the window of your mat.  Tightening the black knobs on the mat guide will lock it in place.

step 6

Place the matboard in the mat cutter with the left edge against the mat guide and the bottom edge against the squaring arm.  Place the matboard in the mat cutter color side down.

step 7

The Guide Rail is lowered and raised on its hinges.  When lowered it rests on the matboard.
The edge of the guide rail then acts as a straightedge against which the matboard can be marked.

step 8

After a mark is made on the matboard, turn the matboard a quarter turn and replace under the guide rail and firmly against the mat guide and squaring arm.

step 9

The Bevel Cutting Head is designed to hook onto the outermost lip of the guide rail and rest on the back of the mat where a pencil mark has been made.

step 10

The Start and Stop Indicator Line should be aligned with the pencil mark.  This is where you start the cut.

step 11

The Pivoting Blade Holder pivots the blade down with the application of finger pressure on its chrome back.   The Anti-Crawl Button is pressed with the finger of the left hand to prevent the cutting head from crawling forward as the blade penetrates the mat.

step 12

Once the blade is in the mat, the head is drawn along, making a beveled cut in the mat.

step 13

The Guide Rail Stop halts the cutting head at the bottom of the cut.

step 14

The stop is locked on the guide rail scale in advance of cutting at the point on the scale indicative of the mat's border width.  Using  the guide rail stop, mat cutting is faster as you don't have to visually align the cutter to finish the cut.

step 15

After making two cuts in the mat, turn it over, a corner should be open.

step 16

After making all four cuts, the drop out piece can be lifted away and a beveled window will result.