The Mental Health Benefits of Woodshop

From being away from family and friends to the stress of military life, on-base life can be difficult. 

Thankfully, U.S. military bases at home and abroad are providing on-site woodworking shops, allowing our service men and women the opportunity to hone their craft and gain invaluable career experience.

For decades, military members have honed their craft, carving new furniture, working with their hands, and building picture frames inside woodshops.

Research has shown that military personnel involved in woodworking and/or woodshop frequently have less stress, higher cognitive engagement, and a larger emphasis on goal setting. 

Veterans in treatment for anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) also find themselves engaged in recreational therapy and community building through specialized off-site woodworking classes.

At these locations, the woodshop provides veterans with the tools they need for relaxation, concentration, and creativity.

Every member of the armed forces showcases the qualities of patience, attention to detail, and perseverance every day; in woodshops worldwide, they use those skills to create beautiful, high-quality pieces of work.

Career Opportunities

Once service members start life post-active duty, those with woodworking experience enter the workforce with a slew of brand new career opportunities that allow them to turn an on-base hobby into a full-blown career.

Some of these roles involve becoming a woodworking machinist or finisher. These careers oftentimes kickstart veterans into learning new skills and setting off to start their businesses.

These businesses include furniture fabricators, woodworkers, and remodelers.

Those veterans skilled enough even teach other military personnel the benefits of woodworking, building safe, healthy, creative communities to re-integrate service members back into civilian life.

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