Standard Frame Making Package

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This beginners kit comes with everything you need to begin cutting, assembling, and hanging frames.  It includes a miter saw, a joiner, a point driver, a band clamp, a hand sander and a hardware kit.  For the frame maker who wants good quality, reliable equipment to build picture frames at home.  With this package you get everything you need to begin framing and SAVE over $75.00 from buying each item separately.
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Framing4Yourself Power Miter Saw Package

This easy-to-use, high quality Ryobi power miter saw is designed specifically for cutting picture frames. It features a 10″ diameter 80-tooth saw blade with 45-degree angled scale and stops.  This framing miter saw offers accurate cuts at a great low price.
* 10″ Ryobi Compound Miter Saw with LED Cutline Indicator for higher accuracy
* Powerful 14 Amp motor running 5,500 RPM for heavy duty cutting
* Adjustable bevel 0° – 45° with adjustable positive stops at 0° and 45°
* High contrast measuring scale with 45-degree increments that permit measuring to the inside point of the miter, which will be the frame size when the frame is assembled
* 80-tooth carbide blade for extra fine cuts on picture frame mouldings
* 24-tooth carbide blade for other woodworking projects
* Blade wrench, dust bag, work clamp, and operator’s manual

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Logan Studio Joiner

Logan’s manually operated V-Nail Frame Joiner makes V-nailing affordable for everyone. Includes magnetic nail holder, quick depth adjustment, leveling jacks, support spacer for irregularly shaped frame moldings, lever, clamp, driving platform and (100) 3/8″ V-Nails hard and med/soft. Accepts frames up to 2½” wide and 2″ in height, adequate for most floater frames.
Items people also buy with this product:
Package of 200 3/8″ V-Nails  – variations for hard wood and med/soft wood
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Logan Dual Elite Point Driver

The Logan F500-2 Dual Drive Elite Point Driver represents the next step in easy-to-use, efficient picture framing point driving tools. The Dual Drive Elite fires either rigid or flexible points into all types of wood moulding. An improved comfort grip and and easy pull action combined with a low price makes it a must-have tool for any framer.
Items people also buy with this product:
Pkg of 600 Rigid Points
Pkg of 600 Flexible Points
Pkg of 2,500 Rigid Points
Pkg of 2,500 Flexible Points

Watch the Video on the Logan Dual Drive Elite Point Driver

Framing4Yourself 15 Foot Band Clamp

15 feet of 1” wide, high strength nylon webbing which enables the perimeter clamping of frames prior to joining. Will clamp frames up to 3.75 ft x 3.75 ft. in overall size. For larger frames try The Bessey Strap Clamp. Unlike corner clamps, band clamps can clamp frames of any width. This clamp includes four metal corner brackets and a cinching ratchet for tightening the band. The corner clamps have flanges that slip under the bottom of the frame to prevent them from slipping off as the band is tightened.
Note: Band clamping is highly recommended as a final check to make sure all the miters fit before nailing. For this reason even if your joiner includes a corner clamp a band clamp is still recommended.

Hand Sanding Block

Diablo’s Reusable Hand Sanding Block maximizes sanding performance by enabling professional users to sand flat and contour surfaces with one tool. This premium, angled foam tool includes two sides: cushioned for controlled material removal in contour sanding, and dense for aggressive material removal on flat surfaces. The Corner Contact edge creates precise edge and bevel profiles in tight corners. Included with the Reusable Hand Sanding Block are five SandNET sheets, ranging from coarse/removal to ultra-fine finish. The reusable SandNET nylon design is easy to clean and reuse multiple times, simply shake, vacuum or rinse to remove any build up.

Hardware Kit

Kit Includes:
10 feet of 20lb hanging wire
12 saw tooth hangers with nails
6 triangle ring strap hangers
1 bubble level
12 each 20 lb hook hangers
6 each 10 lb hook hangers 6 screw eyes


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