Framing4Yourself 15 Foot Nylon Band Clamp



15 feet of 1” wide, high strength nylon webbing which enables the perimeter clamping of frames prior to joining. Will clamp frames up to 3.75 ft x 3.75 ft. in overall size. For larger frames try The Bessey Strap Clamp. Unlike corner clamps, band clamps can clamp frames of any width. This clamp includes four metal corner brackets and a cinching ratchet for tightening the band. The corner clamps have flanges that slip under the bottom of the frame to prevent them from slipping off as the band is tightened.

Note: Band clamping is highly recommended as a final check to make sure all the miters fit before nailing. For this reason even if your joiner includes a corner clamp a band clamp is still recommended.

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Weight 2.3 oz
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