Natural Oak Grain Floater Frame Moulding in 99 Ft Wholesale Bundle – G3307-M



Beautiful stained and finished natural oak grain floater frame with a gold face.

Frame Width: 3/8″
Rabbet Depth: 1-1/2″
Frame Height:  2″

Sticks of this natural oak grain frame moulding at wholesale price.  Wholesale Moulding package consists of (11) 5 ft sections and (11) 4 ft sections.

Please note, the assumption is that this package comes with (11) full sticks at 9 ft each.  If you would like the moulding cut at a different length, we can do so.  For example, if you desire 7 ft lengths, you can order the wholesale bundle with a note on the checkout page stating to cut at 7 ft and balance.  In this example, you will receive (11) 7 ft sections and (11) 2 ft sections.  Please note due to shipping length constraints, we do not offer these in lengths longer than 7 ft without providing a freight quote.

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions.

Order a corner sample of moulding style G3307-M
Order moulding style G3307-M as a custom cut frame


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Additional Information
Weight 768 oz



14 Feet (Two 7 Ft Lengths), 21 Feet (Three 7 Ft Lengths), 42 Feet (Six 7 Ft Lengths), 6 Ft Length, 7 Ft Length, 8 Ft Length (Cut to 4 Ft & 4 Ft), 8 Ft Length (Cut to 5 Ft & 3 Ft), Floater Frame Moulding at Wholesale Price (96 Feet & Free Shipping)

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