Framing4Yourself Power Miter Saw Package


This easy-to-use, high quality Ryobi power miter saw is designed specifically for cutting picture frames. It features a 10″ diameter 80-tooth saw blade and super accurate measuring with a 36″ long fence extension, 45-degree angled scale and stops.  This framing miter saw offers accurate cuts at a great low price.

* 10″ Ryobi Compound Miter Saw with LED Cutline Indicator for higher accuracy
* Powerful 14 Amp motor running 5,500 RPM for heavy duty cutting
* Adjustable bevel 0° – 45° with adjustable positive stops at 0° and 45°
* Double fence extension with 36” scaled left side extension
* High contrast measuring scale with 45-degree increments that permit measuring to the inside point of the miter, which will be the frame size when the frame is assembled
* 80-tooth carbide blade for extra fine cuts on picture frame mouldings
* 24-tooth carbide blade for other woodworking projects
* Blade wrench, dust bag, work clamp, and operator’s manual

For more information on Miter Saws, please see the below tutorial:


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Weight 54 oz

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