Floater B – Unfinished Poplar Floater Moulding at Wholesale Price – 99 Feet (Cut to 5 ft & 4 ft Sections)




Frame Width: 1-1/4″
Rabbet Depth: 3/4″
Frame Width:  3/8″

Sticks of this unfinished poplar wood picture frame moulding at wholesale price.  Wholesale Moulding package consists of (11) 5 ft sections and (11) 4 ft sections.

Please note, the assumption is that this package comes with (11) full sticks at 9 ft each.  If you would like the moulding cut at a different length, we can do so; however, each stick in the package must have the primary cut and will result in a $25 additional handling fee being added to your invoice.  For example, if you desire 7 ft lengths, you can order the wholesale bundle with a note on the checkout page stating to cut at 7 ft and balance.  In this example, you will receive (11) 7 ft sections and (11) 2 ft sections and will cost an additional $25.

Please note that due to the nature of the wood, there may be natural variations in the color and in the striations of the wood.  While we try to avoid it, the wood may also have knots as part of its natural charm.  If you want a consistent look, we recommend painting this moulding.

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions.

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Weight 768 oz


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