Custom Cut White Window Mats (Regular Mat Board)

$0.17 sq. in.

This mat is available only with 2-¼” borders.


Note: All Mats Are White and Are Cut with a 2-¼” Border. One quarter inch of each border will overlap onto the edges of your artwork. So adding a mat will increase your frame size by 2-1/4″ on each side, or 4-1/2″ on the height and 4-1/2″ on the width. Example: 16″x20″ artwork with mat = 20-1/2″x24-1/2″ frame size.


How to measure:
Please note that the size you will be entering into the caclulator will be the overall size of the mat. To determine the overall size of the mat, take size of the image to be presented and add 4-1/2″ to each dimension; ie., the height and the width. So if the image to be presented will be 16″x20″, add 4-1/2″ 16′ = 20-1/2″. And 4-1/2″ 20′ = 24-1/2″. The size to enter into the calculator will be 20-1/2″x24-1/2″.


About the mat board:
Crescent Very White Mat Board #918 is a regular 4-ply (standard thickness) mat board buffered with calcium carbonate to neutralize potential acidity. It’s ideal for matting open ended prints (ie., those that are not limited editions), as well as posters, digital photographs and other reproduceable art. For limited edition prints and other valuable art, use Rag Mat Board.


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