80522-G Red Walnut Stepped Floater Moulding in Lengths (7/8″ Rabbet Depth)



Frame Width: 1″
Rabbet Depth: 7/8″

With a built in “float”, this beautiful red walnut floater frame allows framing your canvas with ease. Floater Frame mouldings in length offer a cost effective solution to handy DIYers that have the ability to miter the corners with their tools.  Each length assumes 8 feet of moulding cut to the size ordered with the balance included in the package.

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14 Feet (Two 7 Ft Lengths), 21 Feet (Three 7 Ft Lengths), 42 Feet (Six 7 Ft Lengths), 8 Ft Length (Cut to 4 Ft & 4 Ft), 8 Ft Length (Cut to 5 Ft & 3 Ft), 8 Ft Length (Cut to 6 Ft & 2 Ft), 8 Ft Length (Cut to 7 ft & 1 ft), Floater Frame Moulding at Wholesale Price (96 Feet & Free Shipping)

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