Mat Board Shipping Policies

Mat Board Shipping - 32"x40" Sheets

Why a  minimum on 32"x40" Sheets of Mat Board?
Two reasons.  One: Shipping a fuller carton makes your shipment less prone to damage.  Two:  The more you order the lower your cost per sheet as the shipping charge is spread over a greater number of sheets.

You May Mix Styles and Colors of Mat Board to Reach the Minimum

You may mix any style and color of 32"x40" mat board to reach the minimum. 

If You Order Less than the Minimum
Your order must be cancelled and any charges made to your card for the mat board or foam board portion of your order will be refunded.

Foreseeable Damage in Shipping Mat board and Foam board
Dings, dents and dog-ears are minor and foreseeable circumstances in the shipment of mat board.  You should anticipate this.  Most customers trim the full size sheets down to smaller sizes before using, and in doing so, trim away damaged edges.  Framing4Yourself cannot accept returns for minor damage to mat board and foam board.

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