A Cheaper Way to Custom Frame

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Online Custom FramingOnline Custom Framing is a great alternative for those who don't want to buy the tools and equipment and do it themselves.

For years photographers have struggled with the high cost of custom picture framing.  In some cases, the cost of framing has turned out to be greater than the amount of money the photographer can charge for the art.  Quite commonly the cost of framing adds so much to the price it forces the photographer to sell the print at a price higher than she is comfortable with.

For a long time the only solution was to cut out the middle man, invest in tools, equipment and education, and learn to frame.  But this has always been problematic for the photographer who doesn’t produce enough volume to justify the time and expense of learning.  What’s more, picture framing is a craft.  Some parts, such as sawing frames or cutting mats, take time to master and can be costly in the early going.  

Given all that, many photographers have resorted in desperation to buying cheap ready made frames and struggling to fit their prints into them.   But now there is another option.    

Many photographers have discovered the benefits of online custom framing.  Online framing is a hybrid approach that takes the thorniest parts of the picture framing process out of the photographer’s hands but leaves him with enough involvement that the cost of framing is dramatically reduced.

With online custom framing you go to a website and enter the size of your print.  Then you select the frame style, mat, backing and glazing you want.  Everything is cut to size so it fits your print.  

In the best set up, the mat is cut with a standard 2” border, so you don’t have to fiddle around with trying to figure out how wide your mat’s borders should be.  Then everything is shipped to you broken down and you put it all together.

The frames come to you unassembled in four sections, already miter cut and ready to be assembled without tools using a simple slot and peg system.  This is actually better and more cost effective than ordering pre-assembled frames which incur higher shipping charges, are prone to damage in transit and usually have a mandatory insurance charge associated with them.

Online custom framing can reduce the cost of custom framing by as much as 70% or more.  For those not quite ready to take the plunge into buying picture framing tools and doing it themselves online custom framing is an ideal solution.