Are Shorter Lengths Available?

Framing4Yourself used to offer 3 foot, 4 foot and 5 Ft lengths of mouldings. Since most framers require at least 8 feet to make a picture frame, these were never popular sellers.  What's more, moulding, when milled, is made and sold in 8-10 foot lengths, which is what Framing4Yourself stocks. When a 3 foot stick was purchased, the remaining 5 feet had to be held in stock with the hope that it would sell someday.  Often it did not, making inventory cumbersome and forcing the remainder to be sold at discounted prices to clear it. 

The new approach continues to offer the popular 8 foot lengths cut down to 4 & 4 or 5 & 3, and offers two new lengths that have long been requested, the 6 ft and 7 ft lengths.  With these new offerings we are confident you will find what you need to make an even wider range of frame sizes.

For smaller sizes, remember that all the frame styles in the Mouldings in Lengths category are also available in the Picture Frames Cut to Size and Ready for Assembly category where the sizes can be as small a 5"x5".