More About Wholesale Purchases of Picture Frame Moulding

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By purchasing 95-100 feet of a style, you are entitled to a wholesale price reflective of a discount of 15-30%  Learn More.  In addition, you earn free shipping on moulding purchased at wholesale, which saves you an additional $30-$50, equivalent to another 10-20% off the cost of the moulding.

Wholesale purchases are for sticks of moulding varying in lengths from 3 ft to 5 ft and adding up to a total of 95-100 feet.  For example, when you order 96 ft of moulding, we typically ship (8) 5 ft lengths, (8) 4 ft lengths and (8) 3 ft lengths  to make the 96 ft. We cannot ship you lengths longer than 5 ft. via FedEx without incurring substantial oversize charges that will increase the cost of each stick.  Nevertheless, you still can make frames up to 5 ft x 5 ft in size, a substantial frame size, and you can rest assured that there is color consistency between the sticks.

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