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Wholesale Picture Frame Moulding

Wholesale savings
At Framing4Yourself moulding is discounted in accordance with the total number of feet purchased. Here’s how…
When you buy an 8 foot length of any style (cut to 5 ft and 3 ft, or 4 ft and 4 ft), the cost per foot is lower than if you buy a 6 foot or 7 foot length of the same moulding.  Buying 14 feet (consisting of two 7 ft lengths) is marginally less expensive than putting two separate 7 ft lengths in your cart.  And buying 21 feet provides a further reduction.
But the really big savings come when you buy 95-100 feet of wholesale picture frame moulding, at which point you realize a discount of 15-20% off the cost per foot of the 8 foot sticks.
If you use a lot of the same type of moulding, it’s worth investing in wholesale picture frame moulding, which requires an of 95-100 feet.
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