Floater Frames


Framing 4 Yourself’s floater frames create the incredible illusion of a floating canvas. We have more than 40 distinct types of front-loading floater frames available, and our floater frames come in a wide range of colors and textures to suit any project.

Choose your floater frame width, height, and rabbet depth, then purchase your floater frame by length from the smallest size of 5 inches up to a whopping 84 inches for large projects or to cut to size on your own.

Plus, with our fast shipping, easy online ordering, and world-class customer service, you can have complete confidence in your purchase. All our floater frames are made in the USA and backed by our quality guarantee!


Floater frames offer a unique three-dimensional depth making them the perfect fit for gallery-style looks right in your home. Remember that floater frames are designed specifically for art printed or painted onto a canvas.

Because of floater frame designs, the canvas prints give the illusion that they are floating within the frame. This allows viewers to see the often hidden sides of the canvas customarily obscured by a traditional picture frame.

Framing 4 Yourself’s floater frames work great for framers looking for a modern style as they often provide a unique aesthetic and flair to your art. Easy to build and even easier to hang on the wall, our floater frames add the final touch to any canvas in your home.


Our vast selection of floater frames allows you to pick and choose the right option no matter your framing skill level.

Check out more information about Framing 4 Yourself’s floater frames below.


If you’re looking for an effortless framing solution, consider Framing 4 Yourself’s cut-to-size wood floater frames. These beautiful frames, available in various colors and styles, arrive in the exact size you need them. No cuts necessary.

All you have to do is assemble the frames yourself (don’t worry, we provide detailed instructions), and voila, a beautiful floating frame is ready to be hung up in your home or gallery.

  • Floater A – Unfinished Poplar Floater Frame (1-1/2″ Rabbet Depth; 1/2″ Frame Face)

  • P1710-M Black Floater Frame - 1-9/16" Deep

    P1710-M Black Floater Frame – 1-1/2″ Deep

  • P1707-M Gold Floater Frame – 1-1/2″ Deep

  • P1708-M Silver Floater Frame – 1-1/2″ Wide

  • Floater C – Unfinished Floater Frame – 1″ Deep



For more experienced framers, Framing 4 Yourself sells floater frames in lengths, allowing you to purchase as many frames as you want or even wholesale for your frame shop. Either way, our array of options enables you to get as much, or as little, floater frame moulding in lengths as you need.

Unlike our cut-to-size options, you need a saw to cut floater frames in lengths to your desired size. If you enjoy the craft of framing or are planning to frame a ton of canvasses, then purchasing in lengths makes the most sense.

  • 80519-G Black and Gold Stepped Floater Moulding in Lengths (7/8″ Rabbet Depth)

  • 80520-G Silver and Black Stepped Floater Moulding in Lengths (7/8″ Rabbet Depth)

  • 80518-G Black Stepped Floater Moulding in Lengths (7/8″ Rabbet Depth)

  • Floater A – Unfinished Poplar Floater Moulding in Lengths (1-1/2″ Rabbet Depth)

  • 1-1/2" Deep Distressed Black Stepped Floater Moulding in Lengths - FFY-95590-M

    1-1/2″ Deep Distressed Black Stepped Floater Moulding in Lengths – FFY-95590-M



When measuring art for presentation in a floater frame, you should take note of three dimensions: height, width, and thickness of the canvas or panel. This is important because floater frames are cut to the size of the artwork unless otherwise specified.

Check out our how to measure a floater frame tutorial page for more information.

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